Test Automation
Xceltech is a leading provider of consulting services related to automated test tools. We have established partnerships with the
leading tools providers for defect tracking, load testing, regression testing, and test management. Whether you need
assistance in selecting and implementing an automated test tool, or have an existing tool inventory that is underutilized,
Xceltech has the experience to help your organization increase efficiency, productivity and software quality.

Automation projects can be divided into two phases:

Phase I: Tool Acquisition

  • Assessment
  • Evaluation/Selection
  • Installation
With the right tool, test automation can offer a dramatic increase in productivity. The first and most important step in the process is acquiring a tool that is suitable for your application, operating environment, and test team. An automation assessment allows us to evaluate your tool needs, provide an objective selection of the best tool(s), and install and configure the tool(s) for your application and environment.

Phase II: Tool Implementation

  • Preparation
  • Execution
Selecting the right test tool is only the beginning of a successful test automation effort. As with any tool, it is how you use it that counts. Although test automation tools can save time through unattended execution, it takes time to define, design, and automate tests. During the implementation phase, we will prepare the test environment, design the test cases, develop the automated scripts, and execute the tests. This process will result in a robust, reusable automated test environment.