ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System)

What is ERP?

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning Systems) comprises of a commercial software package that promises the seamless
integration of all the information flowing through the company - financial, accounting, human resources, supply chain and
customer information.
Detailed examples of ERP packages are HRMS, Financials, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Sales. Each ERP Package may
offer different functionality for different industries.

5 major ERP benefits

  • On-line/real time information throughout all the functional areas of an organization
  • Data standardization and accuracy across the enterprise
  • "best-practices" included in the applications
  • The efficiency they force an organization to undertake
  • The analysis and reporting that can be used for long term planning
In implementation, ERP Systems include several basic features. They are installed on a Database Management System.
Database platforms to chose from are: DB2/400, DB2/MVS, DB2/Unix, Informix, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SQLBase, and

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